About Us

It all starts with a cause. A mission for the humanity.

As we already know, a need of hygiene and safety especially with consumable was already there but, the scarcity world has faced during the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19 has raised the issue firmly. You can protect yourself from going out and can stay inside your home but how will you tackle the purity concerns of the food you are consuming? You are not growing those at your home. You must have to buy it from somewhere and no one is guaranteeing prevention from the contamination. Here comes the concept of Dwarka Vegetable. We simply make sure, what you buy, is pure, safe and healthy.

A Cause, an Integrity:

  • By buying direct from farmers, we help them supply their fresh harvest to your doorstep.
  • By cutting many distribution and storage costs etc., our lesser prices let you save your money a lot.
  • By delivering thrice a day, we make sure you get your order delivered fast without any preplan bother.


In this pandemic of COVID – 19 we follow all measures to keep you safe

  • Checking temperature regularly
  • Washing and sanitizing hands
  • Using proper Protection Equipment
  • Maintaining Social Distancing
  • Single Warehouse to prevent contamination


The food stocks services & management is going vast in todays condition. There are a lot of options & brand services available for the customers’ satisfactions. Among all these services, presenting a top-brand service for your food needs is here, the all-new “Dwarka-Vegetables”, where you’ll get your all basic required materials related to your diet plan as well, considering fresh & hygienic stocks of all the fruits & veggies you need, like, apples, oranges, mangos, pineapples, grapes, cabbage, cauliflowers, ladyfinger, carrot, reddish etc. & a lot more. The main policies of our service are as follows:-

  • Availability of fresh & hygienic stocks.
  • Regular & instant delivery to the home.
  • Instant order of new stocks after old stock is sold.
  • Guarantee period of 1 week.
  • For any customer issues, our helpline number is active 24*7.
  • In case of any defected material delivery, instant exchange service is available.